Treason and Sedition Prayer



Almighty God, the Creator of the Universe, Judge Advocate General of the Military Tribunal Court of Heaven, and the Father of our Lord Jesus Commander-and-Chief of heavenly hosts and the principality of the Republic of the United States and the Christian Nations of Earth.  (Joshua 5: 13-15) We confess our sins, the sins of our ancestors and stand here based on what Jesus Christ accomplished on the cross and His resurrection.  (1 John 1: 9) We forgive all who have hurt us as individuals and as a Nation. (Matthew 6: 14,15) We acknowledge you are the Supreme Judge of all Your Creation and ask for your Mercy and Grace, for us, the people of the United States, and the World.


We repent for our sins, and the sins of our blood ancestry past, present and future for the injustices that we perpetrated, wittingly and unwittingly, on our fellow brothers and sisters where we denied them their unalienable right of freewill, the fulfillment of their Divine Purpose, life, liberty, pursuit of happiness, prosperity, safety, freedom, and ability to openly express their Love for You, Creator.  We ask for mercy for those deeds that we, and our blood ancestors, have wittingly, and unwittingly, done that have violated Your Laws that have caused pain and suffering to ourselves and others.  We thank you that Jesus’s blood remits our sin and covers us. (Hebrews 9: 22) We ask for Your forgiveness, and immunity from Misprision of Felony, where we knew high crimes were being committed and did nothing.  We ask this Court and Tribunal to negate any legal right, justification, and argument for Satan, and his followers, to have claim against us who are bringing the following allegations against him, and his followers, based on acts and contracts that are now null and void given that they were based on fraud and lack of disclosure of the consequences of actions that were taken by ourselves and our ancestors.


We bring before this Military Tribunal Court evidence of Treason, Sedition, Human Rights Abuses, Financial Terrorism, Abuse of Power, Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress, Psychological Warfare, War Crimes, that have been, and are being, perpetrated against: the people of the United States; its Republic Governance foundation founded on the principal of unalienable rights, granted by You, Creator; President Trump and his administration; Legislative Branches of both Houses of Congress; Judicial Branch; State and Local Governments.  Further we bring additional evidence of above high crimes against the people of the Planet and the Governance Structure that is set forth by You Creator in Heaven (as above so as below) that has been systematically overthrown by dictators and corrupt regimes.


 We bear witness, and bring to the Military Tribunal Court of Heaven the suffering that has been endured by your Children at the hands of the most heinous criminals on the Planet that are human and non-human in this dimension and others. These crimes include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Human Rights Abuses in the form of trafficking (e.g. human, child, sex, organ, drugs), pedophilia, child/human sacrifices to Satan and his servants;
  • Financial Terrorism through fraud, theft, cabal owned and controlled central banks, market manipulators, fiat currencies, debt instruments, usury, weaponization of financial assets by the elite in order to wield power and control over We the People;
  • Abuse of Power using court systems, government agencies, financial institutions as weapons against We the People;
  • Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress through Deep State Cabal perpetrated and funded False Flags, terrorist activities, war provocations, criminal cartels and gangs, Social Justice Warrior groups, opioid addiction crisis created by the medical community;
  • Psychological Warfare facilitated by corrupt mainstream media, film industry, frequency weapons, mind control, propaganda, fake news based on fake facts, pornography, snuff films;
  • War Crimes and crimes against humanity where the Deep State has weaponized weather manipulation, Chemtrails, fluoridated water, massive environmental toxins, vaccines that are poisonous, liberal college campuses producing armies of sheeple all to attack We the People.


We bear witness, and bring to the attention of the Military Tribunal Court of Heaven, that Treason and Sedition has been, and is being, committed against:  the United States Constitutional Republic; We the People who grant authority to the government; and the people of other Nations in the World.  We bring special emphasis of high crimes being committed against the Constitutional Republic of the United States, and We the People, because it is the template, and beacon of light, for the Kingdom of Heaven to be made possible on Earth; and, if she falters so does the rest of World. Those that are actively engaged in Treason and Sedition are committing high crimes and misdemeanors against We the People.   These high crimes are being orchestrated by collusion amongst powerful domestic, and international, enemy combatants that are conspiring to overthrow the Constitutional Republic of the United States. These enemy combatants include, but are not limited to, the following individuals or groups: politicized and weaponized government agencies’ staff; rogue military personnel; deep state actors; military industrial complex board of directors and executives, mainstream media owners, executives of major corporations, board of directors, spokespeople; entertainment moguls and entertainers; financial elite; Banksters; Clinton/Obama/Bush crime syndicate; secret society members.


We enter into evidence, to the Military Tribunal Court of Heaven, the high crimes that are being committed, by a number of colluding and conspiring individuals, which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • assassination attempts against President Trump, his family, Republican Lawmakers;
  • overthrowing the election using fake dossiers, illegal surveillance, fake news, rigged voting machines, illegal voters, etc.;
  • assassination of Supreme Court justice, whistleblowers and material witnesses;
  • False Flags in order to goad the administration into starting WWIII;
  • the hijacking and conversion of the Constitutional Republic of the United State to a “for profit” conglomeration of corporate entities listed with Dunn & Bradstreet as commercial entities;
  • the creation of an un-Constitutional private bank, the Federal Reserve that controls the USD and is attempting to crash the economy;
  • selling of strategic natural resources to foreign powers that are being weaponized with the intent to be used against We the People;
  • giving strategic, and high value, Intellectual Property to foreign powers for their economic and military gains;
  • deliberately eroding the power of the military, economy, skills base, intellectual prowess, energy independence;
  • creating and funding domestic and international terrorist; using media (social and news) in order incite riots to trigger a civil war;
  • deliberate perversion of the justice system in order to protect traitors, and enemy combatants, while threatening those intent on exposing them;
  • weaponizing intelligence communities in order to overthrow the government, etc. 


We enter into evidence, to the Military Tribunal Court of Heaven, misdemeanors that are high crimes when they are committed by people of influence that have: name recognition; “star power”; power, money, and control over large organizations with a big reach to impact large numbers of We the People; public figures and politicians with big megaphones.   The following misdemeanors that are considered high crimes whichh include, but, are not limited to: manipulation of search results in order to influence opinion; manipulating social media in favor of liberal bias while blocking conservative views, candidates and those exposing Treason, corruption, election fraud; access to mainstream media in order to put out fake news in order to create uprisings against the Trump Administration, and We the People, by inciting riot, calling for impeachment, discrediting real facts and data..


We bear witness, and bring to the attention of the Military Tribunal Court of Heaven, evidence of collusion, and conspiracy, of a well-choreographed strategy to be executed by powerful influential enemy combatant traitors both human, and non-human. These treasonous, and seditious, actors through their actions require a network of perpetrators enlisted to carry out the plan to overthrow the Constitutional Republic and We the People. We ask the Military Tribunal Court of Heaven, to classify these subordinates as enemy combatants, domestic and foreign terrorists; and, for them to be included in the rendering of judgement. 


We ask the Military Tribunal Court of Heaven to make public the names and records of those convicted of high crimes and misdemeanors against We the People using the main stream media and other sources. Because of the heinousness of the high crimes and misdemeanors of Treason and Sedition we ask that Laws of Heaven, and the rules of the Military Tribunal Court of Heaven apply in full force to the Judicial Systems of Earth and that it enforces the Law and eradicates those involved in human rights abuse, corruption, financial tyranny, treason, sedition, and conspiracy by secret societies. Bind and eradicate mystery Babylon, the whore of power, money, and control, as written in Revelations 18:11 “And the merchants of the earth weep and mourn for her, since no one buys their cargo any more, cargo of gold, silver, jewel, …, and slave, that is, human souls.”  We understand that Mystery Babylon have lost their mandate to rule through their criminal abuse of power and their allotted time is prophetically over.


We ask the Military Tribunal Court of Heaven to bind the individuals, and institutions, that have committed Treason, Sedition, against the Constitutional Republic of the United States and humanity through high crimes and misdemeanors.  We ask the Military Tribunal Court of Heaven to bind and plunder all of the assets and energy of the Defendants (Matt. 12: 29); and, to release these assets and energy to the zero-point field of energy, and value, or to the Treasury of Heaven, national treasuries, and owners from which they were stolen or harvested.  Also, we ask that the righteous would inherit the wealth of the wicked. (Proverbs 13: 22)


We forgive and bless all of the entities, people, and actors that have perpetrated gross injustices against the Constitutional Republic of the United States, We the People, and humanity based on human rights abuses, corruption, and malice.  Without their actions and crimes, we could not have had enough People awaken in order to take legal action with the appropriate Courts of Heaven to be adjudicated.  Their crimes made visible give us the will to do Your Will in making it possible to bring about the resurrection and life of Mankind that explores the totality of the Human Potential to glorify you Creator.


We ask this Court to show mercy to those that have participated in creating, and perpetrating, injustices against We the People and mankind around the world that repent and right the wrong they have committed.  We release the heavenly resources -  angelic and Heavenly Hosts to protect those that are exposing and fighting to overcome Treason, Sedition, Human Rights Abuses, corruption, and other high crimes and misdemeanors. We ask that the Heavenly Hosts be dispatched to shred those in this dimension and others that have perpetrated the above crimes.


We command in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth every spirit which is not of Christ to leave us quickly and quietly. Also, we request you fill us with the presence of the Holy Spirit, and we join our voice to the multitude in heaven crying out, Hallelujah!  Who at the sight of the destruction of Mystery Babylon cried out: Salvation and glory and power belong to our God, for his judgments are true and just; for he has judged the great prostitute who corrupted the earth with her immorality, and has avenged on her the blood of his servants. Once more they cried out, Hallelujah!  (Revelation 19: 1 - 3)